Image State Films is a motion picture, television and digital video production studio. Our commitment is to the research, development, production, financing and exhibition of independently produced film, television and digital content.

We fuse the spirit and expertise of traditional cinematic methodology, with the energy and dynamism of modern digital style to provide a complete filmmaking experience. We are obsessed with capturing human moments and experiences as organically as possible while ensuring we keep things visually stirring. 

Years ago we discovered this magical thing called indie. Since then we have been running a production studio which has successfully specialised in the creation of Films, Television, Commercials, Animated Films and Digital Content all under the Indie banner. It has allowed us insight not only into the creative development but also the structuring and logistical facilitation of micro budget and quick turnaround productions.

By leveraging these extensive skillsets we are able to partner with you at any phase of production. Whether it be Creative Ideation or Story Development, Scriptwriting, Pre-Production & Planning, Production and Post-Production - to deliver original, exciting and quality content. 

We are a team of rebel filmmakers who have dedicated our lives to storytelling and have come together under the common goal of Reimagining the way stories are told.